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lady_pensee's Journal

Pansy Parkinson
1 May
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"You would be surprised at how dangerous an empty headed
flower named bimbo can be..."

"Puck uses the juice of the pansy for most of the trouble."

"She looks like a flower but stings like a bee."

"She didn't choose this role
But she'll play it and make it sincere
So you cry
But they believe it from the tears
And the teeth right down to the blood
At her feet..."


Name - Pansy Adelaide Parkinson

Pansy -From the English word for a type of flower,
ultimately deriving from Old French pensee "thought". A pansy is a type of
flower that in Shakespeare's play it is referred to as "love in idleness"

Adelaide - From the Germanic name Adalheidis which was
composed of the elements adal "noble" and heid "kind, sort, type". This was the name of the wife of Otto the Great, and also the wife of King William IV of

Parkinson - Means "Son of Parkin" Patkin has the meaning of "young Peter"
which comes from the Greek petros that means rock.

Nicknames: She dislikes nicknames, but some members of
her house are known to call her Pans, and some older members of her family
call her Pansers mostly to get on her nerves.

Wand: Oak, Twelve inches, dragon heartstring.

Birthday: May 1st 1980

Quirks: When nervous or in concentration the girl tends
to lick her lips, however if she is extremely nervous she will start fidgeting
with her robes, rings, and anything she can find and out of habit she often
plays with her hair not when nervous but merely to give her something to do.


Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is associated
with the neck and throat. Positive characteristics include patience,
practicality, frugality, creativity, a love of beauty and nature,
faithfulness, loyalty, determination, sensuality, and affection. Negative
characteristics are stubbornness, materialism, resistance to change, laziness, a
terrible temper once aroused, prejudice, and sometimes an unimaginative nature.

In the Slytherin House, the traits associated with Taurus that will be most
emphasized are materialism and loyalty. These Slytherins will be almost
blindly loyal to their friends and allies, and they will value wealth
and the trappings of wealth
over more intangible assets. Determination
will also be emphasized. All Slytherins are determined, but the stubborn Taurus
Slytherin is unstoppable once they have their mind set on something.


Pansy is not as complex as she lets other people to think or maybe she is and just tries to convince herself that she isn't. First facts of her personality are the obvious
ones. Because of the wealth that her mother's side of the family has the girl
has gotten use to material possessions and as such has turned to be very
materialistic. That is why she enjoys holidays in which she receives presents,
especially her birthday. Not only is the girl materialistic but she is also
quite vain it takes her a ridiculous amount of time to get ready for little
things and even a more insane time for her to get ready for important things.
Both of these traits might be possible due to the fact that she had been spoiled
by her grandmother ever since she was born, even if the woman had focused on
criticizing (just like Pansy's father) everything the girl does. Her mother also
criticizes everything the girl does but basically stayed in the lady like
mannerism. This brings up another part of Pansy’s personality.
Pansy's way of carrying and talking has made her look like the epitome of what a
lady should do. She often criticizes others because she believes she has the
right to criticize other's while other's merely can't criticize anything about
her because Pansy believes that she is perfection and as such she has no fault's
or weakness which is pretty far from the truth.

Even when Pansy states that she cares very little for what other's say this is
far from the truth. The girl lives for attention and as such she prefers to be
pampered by comments on her attitude and her greatness than with her faults .The
fact she cares so much for what others say is also why each time someone tells
her that her attitude is not lady like she immediately freaks out. The Slytherin
girl doesn't fancy being stable with someone too much. Pansy prefers the chase
than the fact to really settle down which is why even thought she will always
say she expects to be married she does not really fancy the idea, however in her
mind she knows that the only one person that might hold her attention for quite
a while is Draco Malfoy.

Many people are fooled by the facade that Pansy uses of being just a trophy girl for
someone. The people that are fooled by this are merely the ones that do not
really know her. They are the type that do not know how manipulate Pansy can be
especially when she wants something. The woman will not give up on something she
wants no matter how hard it actually is and when people are actually surprised
by the plans she works up she merely gives them her practiced smile that seems
to say "I didn't realize I had done that.". She is very opinioned, and seems to
be quite blunt about it, however even if she might be opinioned she is also very
closed minded and not open to many radical ideas.

Perhaps it is the way she was brought up but Pansy considers that muggles contaminate the world, she thinks they pollute it and that they are a race that should not be mix with the wizarding world merely because she believes that they could not understand magic that they can not appreciate it and that perhaps they could be better not to be introduced into the world since it is probably a big cultural shock for them to suddenly see so many changes.

Pansy is not a nice person she is blunt, close minded, and is known to spread
rumors of people that she does not like. The woman is good at lying and can
actually look incredibly convincing when doing it. Because of her social
standing the girl knows and is pleased by the fact that if she wanted she could
destroy anyone's image. However, it seems that the girl is also extremely loyal
to her closest peers, it seems that the only times that the girl is shown to
have a human side is when close members of her life are hurt, or in danger.

Being pampered is one of the things that Pansy enjoys the most. Even if she
might act all humble about it she enjoys it, in fact one of the things she
enjoys the most is being pampered, receiving nice comments and the attention
Pansy would probably not be capable of living. She also enjoys being followed
around and people who show self confidence and of course one of the things she
enjoys is the company of other's, especially the ones that like to agree with
her, even if at moments she might find them annoying because they are not
capable of thinking on their own.

One thing that Pansy dislikes the most is when she is ignored. She thinks that
she is way too important to be ignored and this is a bit tick off. Pansy also
hates it when she's alone; she is not capable of handling it and often attempts
to not be alone at any moment. This is not the only thing she hates she also
dislikes house elves for reasons unknown she finds them dirty creatures just
like half breeds which is the reason why she had always had a maid to tend to
her things.