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Pansy · Parkinson

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Backdated sometime to like after the game.
Words seem to be written with a shaky hand

Dear heavens...

Locked to the Slytherins
I do not know what is going on. I did not see him before the game for our usual crush Potter as hard as you can good luck kiss. Did any of you boys heard anything from him before the game?
* * *
Turpin I expect you to be in the library after classes in order to make this process quick and painless to all of us.

Precisely what i needed more homework asides from the one my so called relative is giving me

* * *
Time sure does fly I honestly do not know how the professors have managed to drown us in so much schoolwork that we end up forgetting what date it is. 

It is all ready october I truly can not believe this. 

Asides from that it seems that the Headmaster now wishes for us to take part in muggle traditions and actually dress in costume for Halloween? This truly is not fair at all. What is more disgusting is to see the students of this fine school actually wishing to be dressed in silly little costumes.

* * *
Locked Private to Malcolm

Are you any good with healing charms? Or at least would I tell you a spell and have you perform it? I'm having trouble performing some spells.
* * *

Last year at Hogwarts, and truth to be told with all the things the older students always said I expected myself to feel different than how I do.

Not even a month has passed and we all ready had funeral services I did not attend Longbottom's because truth to be told I do not care, just as I no one else in the school would care if someone that is friends with me died. I am not hypocrital and I shall never be.

Of course the favoritism continues they made Granger Head Girl probably to make the Gryffindor’s feel better about themselves than they usually do and to get them to stop whining so much.

* * *
* * *


Well my dear family never ceases to surprise me. However now the prolonged hate towards me being smart and educated has its reason. After all look what good it did to... him. Adonis, I am yet to find it easy to call him my...

I must say though his library is exquisite, I am becoming fond of the healing charms all though I have no reason for using them yet. I will never find a use for them after all I do not plan on running around waving a wand and shooting random persons but yet...

It is silly to ponder over such things.

I do wonder where Draco is at.


I detest the summer sun. It has been doing terrible things to my skin during my afternoon tea.

* * *
I believe there has been some Ravenclaw boy stalking me lately. I am very tempted to just get Millicent to become my guard against him. He's quite frightening. 

I seem to have missplaced one of my ink bottles now, goodness it seems people fancy taking my writing supplies.

* * *

Well that is a prudent conclusion, whispering my name in sleep? Honestly.


[Locked Private to Daphne Greengrass ]

I miss you, I don’t care which side you are in...you are still my friend...who am I jesting of course I care.

Have you ever thought about Millicent being...controversial?

Yes I am writing to you, I am a bit too disturbed to ask anyone else and Davis would have a field day.

Not that I was going to use your assistance during the summer, but just so you are informed that plan was cancelled.

[End Locked Private to Daphne Greengrass]

[Locked Private to Draco ]

Are you well? Have you been capable of sleeping?

[End Locked Private to Draco]

* * *
I can not sleep.

I can not believe ...

I should not make too much noise.

It is not really about me anyways.

I should burn the clothes. I can not take the blood off, and he does not need to see them again.

People are such idiots complaining about mundane things like "Oh goodness sake the worries of not having a boyfriend" when there are much more important things.

Would love to see what either one of them could do in this situation...

I feel sick

Happy Birthday to me

Now that didn't sound very nice. There are a lot of sounds during the night, and the mind does not seem capable of locking them out.

I need sleep...but my mind won't let me. I'm scared about someone taking him as I sleep. I need to keep him safe.

Locked private to Ginevra Weasley

When I am capable of sparing a moment I am going to ask you a few questions, Weasley. There is no need to fear me you are probably taller than me and stronger too unless you dared opened your mouth.
* * *
Locked Private
I am quite worried.

I have not seen Draco in some time, and when I do see him he seems incredibly distraught. I have not even seen him on this weekend I believe.

Then again I have been busy this weekend with school work so that might be it.

End Locked Private

It is surprising how fast time passes. Tomorrow I will finally be of age. Maybe I can now tell my mother just exactly what I think about her little comments about what a lady is.

Not to mention classes seem about to end, all though the work they give us does not seem any different. With that summer is aproaching...heavens.
* * *
* * *

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