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Pansy · Parkinson

Locked Private to Professor Snape. I know of your connections take…

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Locked Private to Professor Snape.
I know of your connections take me to see your Lord.

Locked Private to Graduating Slytherins

Whether you agree to it or not the plan will take place

I honestly do not understand the concept in which most males seem to think that a woman needs protection. All the men in my life have been blindfolded by the assumption that I need protection when I can be just as deathly as they are. They never expect much of me, and I am pretty sure that if the circumstances were others I would not expect much more of myself. Times have changed though and so have I.

I will not say I did not cry, he hurt me far greatly that anyone ever had probably because I was so accustomed to him being there, to not have to ever go against him. yet the one time in which I went against him he seemed unmoved. It boiled my blood. Now I do not ever believed even one word he said, I should have listened to my senses, my senses that told me it was just childish infatuation nothing else could come from it. Yet, I went ahead and...

I wasted most of my life on someone that was never really willing to give it back.

I hat him, but et I am also concerned with were his steps might take him. I hope they use him and he ends up in Azkaban or he ends up at the mercy of my wand, yet there is a part of me that knows those are not my wishes.

I am pretty sure this part of me will soon change his mind.
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