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I could had never realized that doing charity would be rewarding. I am currently aiding the construction of another wizarding school in Britain. The location is not disclose yet for obvious reasons but from what I hear it won't be anything like Hogwarts. however it will have some of the same constructional values. It is so saddening what happened to the school but this is a chance to make a new start without expoing the younger generations to current dangers.

Private to Draco
If you still read this and wish to see me there is an event coming up that might facilitate that. Of course it would be needed of you to be in disguise.
Is that a plane?

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Oh I really can not believe that our school is now gone.

Locked Private
I did not know that was going to happen. Technically speaking I killed three persons. I do not care much for any of them especially the old man but... the school?

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I can not believe that it happened. I am now probably one of the women with most control in the least amount of time. I am not certain of what I want to do if it ever comes the time where I have to run to a battle, but I shall take one step at a time. My family, friends and loyalty comes before everything and anyone that dared break shall be punished. Draco will pay for what he did. I do not take heartaches easily especially when it was the first one I felt.

Again I am not certain of what the plans of action are. The Lord accepted my proposal with my terms, we escaped the mark and the Slytherins escaped being under his command. I am aware he might think I am under his command but I am surprised of the way I carried myself in front of him I suppose that what I wanted shadowed any feeling of fear, and disgust. I believe I can use the role others impose on me, my words, and my role in society rather well. It is just a matter of time before I decide what my course of action will be.

Ours that is. I am not in charge of only myself but of the Slytherins also I shall suggest that they also when in society pretend not to be towards any other side, or send mixed signals. It is far more useful for hearing conversations that are useful.

Private to Recently Graduated Slytherins

It worked. The Lord accepted our terms, I am not marked and neither shall any of you. I need all of you to acquire a post that is useful for any news. I am not certain what I am to do at the moment but we have not received orders.

End Privates

I detest the summer, it is far too hot and the sun is always blazing no matter to which corner of the house you disappear to.

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Locked Private to Professor Snape.
I know of your connections take me to see your Lord.

Locked Private to Graduating Slytherins

Whether you agree to it or not the plan will take place

I honestly do not understand the concept in which most males seem to think that a woman needs protection. All the men in my life have been blindfolded by the assumption that I need protection when I can be just as deathly as they are. They never expect much of me, and I am pretty sure that if the circumstances were others I would not expect much more of myself. Times have changed though and so have I.

I will not say I did not cry, he hurt me far greatly that anyone ever had probably because I was so accustomed to him being there, to not have to ever go against him. yet the one time in which I went against him he seemed unmoved. It boiled my blood. Now I do not ever believed even one word he said, I should have listened to my senses, my senses that told me it was just childish infatuation nothing else could come from it. Yet, I went ahead and...

I wasted most of my life on someone that was never really willing to give it back.

I hat him, but et I am also concerned with were his steps might take him. I hope they use him and he ends up in Azkaban or he ends up at the mercy of my wand, yet there is a part of me that knows those are not my wishes.

I am pretty sure this part of me will soon change his mind.
I shall mourn you

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 Locked Private to Seventh Year Slytherins
While the rest of the school frets about grades we have a much more complex thing to worry about.

I am sure I am not the only one that received the letter. There shall be a meeting in the common room after the curfew for the rest of the lower years. Millicent, Gregory, and Vincent  please make sure the common room is free of younger years. The rest and me shall be checking for any other things that would be use as a leak do be on time. This is something that has been thrown to us we must make a choice nothing that we discuss must be leaked I hope all of you can understand that.

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So it comes a moment where I do not know what the bloody hell is going on!

My family wishes me to go to my grandmother as soon as possible, taking me out of school...

And Draco...

Locked Private to Students
Has anybody seen Draco?

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It has been far too quiet...

Locked Private to Draco
Something has happened in my family. I believe I now know where their loyalties truly lay.

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it has been slightly too quiet around here, has it not?

Slytherin girls in which spot of the dungeons have you gone? I do believe it is about time we spend at least an owl shopping day together since this infernal school fails to plan the trips to Hogsmeade.

Also Miss Malfoy ...

Oh dear heavens I do not know what to tell you.

Locked to Miss Malfoy
Madame I am very aware of the influence you hold or at least used to held over my mother, is there any possibility that you may use it?

Locked to Draco

I received an owl from my father and mother, they wish to pull me from the school, they failed to explain why and I shall demand explanations on my return letter but something tells me that this is just the calm before the storm. Have you had any process with your task?

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Just need to set two things straight. 

The rumors are most certainly not true.

I am not available in any way so Slytherin boys and Bradley stop cornering me!

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I have an incredibly strong headache that has lasted quite a couple of days now.  I suppose looking over books does not help at all

Girls, be kind enough to bring me something from the Great Hall my attempts of going to the Great hall lately just leave me with a stronger headache than before.
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